Newsletter 5th January 2024

5th January 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,

Happy New Year

Welcome back to the Spring term. I like using the word Spring, as it helps me feel more hopeful for some nicer weather. There has been a lot of local flooding, but so far all buses have been able to run: albeit slightly late on a couple of routes.

We hope that you’ve had a rejuvenating and exciting break. We are ready and raring to go — a new year and a new term. During the INSET day on Tuesday 2nd January, teachers took part in Health & Safety, Safeguarding and SEND Conditions training.

This afternoon in our training session, we revisited the DCC code of conduct policy. In it, we cover social media and professional relationships in school. Staff are not able to have pupils, ex pupils or school family members on their social media accounts without exceptional reasons. To avoid causing offence and to help our staff, please do not friend request them on social media accounts.

Attendance Update

For the Autumn term, our whole school attendance was above national average for a SEND school. A big thank you to the majority of parents who make sure their children attend school regularly. Please remember that we are here to support you and will work with you to help your child get to school.

Of course, we understand that illnesses happen. In one breath we are asking you to keep your child at home for 48 hrs following any sickness: then encouraging good attendance. Please contact your class teacher if you have any worries.

Your efforts, working in partnership with the school, will ensure that your child will have the best chance to achieve their potential. It will also enable your child to:

    • access the lessons needed to prepare them for their best future
    • maintain friendships and develop new ones
    • have access to social events
    • explore potential life skills

Online Safety

I’ve been hearing about lots of new devices our pupils received for Christmas. Whilst these can bring about new learning it is crucial to keep our children safe online and to educate them about online safety. The internet can be a dangerous place for our children if it is not used and monitored appropriately.

Please see below some internet safety resources...

Supporting Young People Online (available in different languages)

Online guides and resources for a variety of ages and topics including: screen time, gaming, cyberbullying, social media

I look forward to seeing you in school for more face-to-face activities and gatherings this term.

Happy New Year!

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Pickering