Humanities at Mill Water incorporates both History and Geography.

History provides the opportunity for pupils to experience, and where possible, develop some understanding of people and events from different times and places.

Geography allows pupils to explore, experience and develop an understanding of their local environment, and where relevant, learn about places further afield. 

Humanities is incorporated within the Knowledge and Understanding of the World strand of the Mill Water Curriculum and is not taught as discrete subjects, but instead will be covered through a topic approach and through cross curricular links. 


In order to be meaningful, where possible our pupils will develop an understanding of History through their routine, sequences of events and time that directly relates to their own experiences. Visual supports and the language of time such as now, next, before and after will be used to support their understanding. 

In Geography they will be supported to explore the school building, surrounding grounds and local area. They will experience different environments such as towns, cities, the beach, Woodbury Common etc. and be encouraged to engage with the world around them.


Pupils will be taught History and Geography through a topic based approach, remaining under the umbrella of Knowledge and Understanding of the World. 

History will continue to be taught through an understanding of time relevant to their own experiences and where possible topics will provide immersive opportunities to explore people and events from different times. Pupils will experience learning through practical activities and cross curricular links to other subjects. 

In Geography they will explore the school, surrounding grounds and the local area. They will develop an understanding of what different places have to offer and where to go for different experiences or needs. In exploring their local area, pupils will be encouraged to consider how they would like to access their local area in their leisure time and potentially consider developing hobbies and interests that will help to integrate them into their community. 


History allows pupils to develop a knowledge and understanding of time relevant to them and link previous events to their daily lives. They will also consider people and events from the past that have either directly impacted on their own lives, or have had a significant impact on the world they live in. 

Geography develops the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world and their place in it. It provides opportunities to develop skills for adulthood such as Travel Training and considers how to be safe in their local area. Pupils use maps to plan routes and visit key landmarks that help to identify where they are.