Our key priority in PSHE/RSHE is safeguarding our pupils.

We support them to learn and know how to keep themselves safe, healthy and happy during their years at Mill Water school and beyond.

We build knowledge and skills in PSHE/RSHE through sequential learning, repetition and enrichment opportunities in formal sessions.

Our PSHE curriculum is adapted from the PSHE association SEND framework and through PSED in the EYFS statutory framework. We also develop PSHE through ongoing informal learning which occurs continually throughout the day.


    • To develop understanding of appropriate behaviours and different relationships.
    • To be able to make a choice and communicate their choices including consent.
    • To foster positive mental health and well-being including developing interests and hobbies.
    • To be able to keep healthy, understanding how to keep their body healthy inside and out.
    • To prepare them for keeping safe online.
    • To know how to keep themselves safe and who/how to ask for help.
    • To be prepared for changes in their bodies and feelings, as they grow through puberty and beyond.
    • To understand theirs and others emotions and what helps them regulate their emotions


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Our PSHE curriculum equips our pupils with the knowledge and understanding of how to live a safe and fulfilling life by:

    • keeping themselves healthy and safe
    • being as independent as possible
    • communicating choices
    • having good mental health and wellbeing
    • having positive relationships and friendships
    • making choices about hobbies and interests to enable them to live their best life

It will be evidenced through meeting Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) outcomes, and the Personal, Social Health Education (PSHE) Curriculum, Personal Learning Goals (PLGs), Foundation stage curriculum and Characteristics of Effective Learning (CoEL) assessment on Evidence for Learning.