Citizens Advice East Devon

31st March 2022

Are you:
    • Finding it hard to make ends meet financially?
    • Not sure if you are eligible/receiving the right benefits?
    • Experiencing mental or physical health difficulties in your family?
    • Having problems with your housing/employment?
    • Dealing with separation, divorce or related child arrangements?
    • Needing advice about training or work?
    • Dealing with debts?
    • Finding it difficult to cope with forms, phone calls, letters etc?

Parent Support Team

Citizens Advice East Devon are pleased to offer an innovative project providing caseworker style support for parents.

We can offer advice themselves on a wide range of issues or make referrals/ recommendations to a person or organisation that might be better placed to help whether within Citizens Advice or elsewhere.

We can help support Team Around Family meetings and the advice could form part of ongoing action planning. We hope to become a vital part of the targeted pupil premium support in your schools.

It would be impossible to list all the topics about which we can advise, but the most common family issues are benefits, adult disability and SEND, housing, maximising income, financial capability, debt, childcare, training, employment, separation/divorce and the related child arrangements, communication (supporting phone calls, emails, forms, letters) with other organisations/agencies and accessing charitable support.

Please share this with all your staff who might access this service.

School staff can refer parents through the form on Citizens Advice East Devon’s webpage.

Response will be by phone, email or text and a time arranged to call/meet the parent to explore how to help the family in an ongoing capacity if required.

Please do contact us directly if you would like to discuss this further.

We would appreciate any ideas or comments as to the best ways to support you. We hope to explore with you whether you might find it helpful to have a presence, either in person or virtually at general parents’ meetings, advice session “surgeries”or offer a meeting facility particularly for pupil premium/vulnerable families in school.