Medication Policy Letter

14th July 2023

Dear Parents/carers,

Please familiarise yourself with the school’s medication policy

This must be followed for school staff to be able to administer medication in school. Please remember:

    • Prescription medications must be in original packaging and have the prescription label on.
    • Tablets without a box/label cannot be given.
    • Non-prescribed medication needs to have a clear reason they are required. If these can be administered at home, outside of the school day this is preferred.
    • All medication must come with a completed medication administration form. Without this we cannot safely administer the medication in school. Please complete new forms for September, this ensures the information we hold remains current.
    • Transport must be made aware if your child has medication with them.

We appreciate this may seem strict at times, however, the policy is in place to ensure the safety of the children and the staff in school.

Paracetamol can be kept in school for each individual child. This must be named and come with a completed medication administration form. We will always contact you prior to administering this. However, we may ask you to collect your child if they remain too unwell to be in school or it is felt they require further medical attention. For further information, visit our sickness guidance page

Yours faithfully

Clare Zvimba
NHS School Nurse, Mill Water School