Reviews, Targets and Goals

Annual Reviews
Annual Reviews of Education, Health and Care Plans take place throughout the year, giving an opportunity for parents and carers to meet the Headteacher, teachers and other professionals to discuss their child's placement, progress, and future opportunities. They also provide an opportunity to discuss Annual Targets which are being put in place to meet EHCP outcomes, and Personal Learning Goals.

Personal Learning Goals
Every pupil at Mill Water School has Personal Learning Goals. These detail strategies that will be put in place to meet the individual learning, physical and social needs of that pupil. Targets and goals are shared with parents and carers at Annual Reviews and subsequent termly meetings.

Preparation for Adulthood
At the first Annual Review after a pupil reaches the age of 14, a preparation for adulthood plan is drawn up, with input from parents and a range of other agencies. This is intended to ensure that the pupil's transfer from school to the next placement is as smooth as possible.

Parents / Carers Meetings
Parents and carers will have at least three opportunities during the course of the school year to meet with their teacher to discuss progress against targets. One of these meetings will be the Annual Review. Two more meetings will take place, either face to face or via the telephone, in each of the other two terms.