English Intent

The aim of our English curriculum is to develop our pupils’ love of readinglanguage, vocabulary and communication in order to fully prepare our pupils for their best futures.

We inspire an appreciation of our rich and varied literary heritage and the enjoyment of experiencing text widely and often. We nurture our pupils and ensure they are exposed to and learn to enjoy and value a range of language rich texts and experiences.

The Mill Water English Curriculum aims to inspire and equip pupils to:

    • Develop meaningful communication
    • Develop an understanding of a wide range of meaningful language and vocabulary
    • Develop their listening skills
    • Develop an enjoyment of reading for life
    • Enjoy and engage with a wide range of literary experiences
    • Develop an understanding of a wide range of written texts
    • Participate in, edit and adjust texts

English Implementation

Pupils access 4 discrete English sessions a week.

We use a range of motivating and meaningful resources to ensure that learning is remembered and our pupils are able to recall it. We develop our pupils’ memory and recall skills using Rosenshine’s 10 Principles of Instruction.

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English Impact

Our English curriculum equips our pupils with the transferrable skills necessary to choose, access and enjoy a range of language and vocabulary rich experiences. This includes the ability to participate in, edit and adjust texts and develop an enjoyment of reading for life.

English is assessed through our English assessment system, which is adapted from the national curriculum and allows small steps of progress to be recorded and celebrated.

Learning is evidenced on Evidence for Learning and is linked to our assessment system and individual pupils Personal Learning Goals (PLG’s).