All About VE Day

This simple but informative "All About VE Day" PowerPoint is perfect for teaching children about VE Day. Each slide contains age-appropriate information about the history behind VE Day and how people celebrated at the time.
There are a selection of key questions to encourage children to think about the feelings of people who lived through the Second World War. Children will enjoy looking at some of the images and talking about what they can see!
If you can't open the PowerPoint file, there is a PDF version to download, or scroll down to watch a video - you can pause the video to allow more time for each question if needed... 

VE Day is an important day for people in the UK and across Europe as it marks the anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe. It is celebrated each year on the 8th May to remember the day that Winston Churchill announced an end to the war. On that day in 1945, people celebrated outside their houses, holding street parties, sharing food, singing, dancing and waving flags.