ICT is everywhere and is forever evolving. At Mill Water School we constantly research and look for new and emerging ways that we can use technology to enhance our pupils’ lives.

The aim of our Mill Water ICT Curriculum is to equip pupils to:

    • Have the skills and understanding to navigate technology safely and effectively.
    • Use technology practically to enable them to access everyday life.
    • Use ICT to communicate.
    • Use technology as part of their hobbies and leisure.
    • Use technology to access and enhance their learning.


Key Computer Skills (ICT)
Pupils learn about computers and how to:
    • Input into a computer
    • Output from a computer
    • Word process
    • Present information
    • Use computers to aid everyday lives
Communication - Multimedia (Digital Literacy)
Pupils learn how to:
    • Use multimedia to present ideas
    • Create videos
    • Edit photos
    • Listen to music
    • Play videos
Communication - Data (Digital Literacy)
Pupils learn how to:
    • Use ICT and technology to present data
    • Use ICT and technology to present information
    • Create and use graphs, pictograms and tally charts
    • Use technology to budget
    • Use technology to develop life skills
Programming and Algorithms (Computer Science)
Pupils learn how to:
    • Program technology
    • Give instructions to a computer to make it work (Algorithm)
    • Control technology including remote control cars, bee-bots, switches and programmable toys
    • Use programmable switches, toys and devices to aid everyday lives
Online Safety
Pupils learn how to:
    • Use technology safely
    • Use technology responsibly
    • Be good digital citizens

We follow an adapted version of the National Curriculum.

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Our ICT curriculum equips our pupils with the transferrable skills necessary to use technology safely, responsibly and creatively. It enables our pupils to use appropriate and meaningful technology to communicate their ideas and for leisure and enjoyment.

Our pupils leave Mill Water with the ICT skills they will need for their best future.

Learning is evidenced on Evidence for Learning and is linked to our assessment system and individual pupils’ Personal Learning Goals (PLG’s).