NEU Teacher Strike Action 1

30th January 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,

The NEU (National Education Union) has balloted its members regarding strike action. This strike action is a national dispute between the Union and the Government and not because of any issues at our school.

Strike action for teachers only will take place on:
Wednesday 1st February
Thursday 2nd March
Wednesday 15th March
Thursday 16th March

At our school, we have a number of teachers who belong to the NEU. As part of this industrial action, they have protected rights and do not need to tell us whether they will be on strike and absent on the above dates.

In addition to teacher absences, we are very concerned local mainstream schools will be closed, meaning that our own support staff may need to stay at home to look after their own children. If we do not have enough Teaching Assistants coming into work on strike days, this will make opening all our classes very difficult.

Due to the nature of the industrial action, I will have to inform you of our position before each planned day, as it is possible to have a different outcome for each day of action, based on available staffing and risk assessments. 

The most likely outcome for Wednesday 1st February will be a reduction in the number of pupils coming into school.

Across the key stages, classes will be open and closed as follows:

Name of Teacher Status of Class 01/02/2023
Grace / Vicky Open
Amy Closed
Donna Closed
Tracy Open
Helen Closed
Keth Open
Hannah / Jess Closed
Beccy Open
Gemma M Closed
Gemma H Closed
Niki Open
Andy Open
Paul Closed
Andrew Closed


For pupils in classes that are closed, remote education is available for those who are able to access it. We appreciate this situation is far from ideal and understand the disruption this will cause.

For the classes which are open next Wednesday, we will ensure adequate arrangements are made for supervision but our usual pupil: staff ratios may be exceeded. We may not be able to deliver the full curriculum but activities will continue in the classrooms. As next Wednesday will look different than usual, if you choose to keep your child home, please tell your Class Teacher beforehand. Please don’t assume that because your child’s class is open, this means their teacher will be in.

If we experience an exceptionally high level of both teacher and support staff absence next Wednesday morning, which unfortunately we cannot predict in advance, we will regretfully need to close additional classes. In this instance, you will be contacted with a request to collect your child asap. It is our full intention however, to keep the above named classes open.

We will inform School Transport regarding the classes that will be open and closed next Wednesday.

If the current negotiations between the Union and the Government are unsuccessful, the next strike day will be Thursday 2nd March. If your child’s class is closing next week, it will be open on the next strike day (and vice versa).

Pupils who are eligible for free school meals will be provided with a voucher to cover lunch costs on that day. Further details about this will be provided to relevant families.

We will keep you updated with the negotiations between the NEU and the Government, and I will write to you again if the strike action is due to continue into March. We sincerely hope there is a resolution soon between the Government and the NEU.

Yours sincerely

Sarah Pickering