Creative Arts

At Mill Water we recognise the importance of pupils being able to express themselves creatively, and the positive impact that this can have on their mental health, wellbeing, physical skills, social skills and communication. Mill Water recognises that as well as developing knowledge, understanding and skills, a primary focus is on ‘preparation for their best adulthood’. Creative arts encourage pupils to explore activities that they may wish to pursue as hobbies both during and after their time at Mill Water. 

Creative Arts are taught through a topic based approach throughout the school and encompasses Art, Music, Drama and Design Technology. We often have visitors to support the curriculum, including artists, musicians, music therapists and drama groups who work with the pupils. 

Food technology is taught throughout the school, and ranges from exploring foods and ingredients using the senses, to planning for and preparing a meal. Pupils access food technology at a level that is appropriate for them and it is often used to encourage a healthy, varied diet.


Pupils are encouraged to explore Creative Arts through the use of their senses. Music supports their understanding of daily routines and activities, whilst art encourages them to develop their motor skills. In cooking pupils are often exploring food and ingredients, following a basic recipe with adult support. All of the creative arts strongly support communication, showing a preference, making a choice and demonstrating a response.


Music activities encourage pupils to develop their listening and attention skills, particularly in a group context where they are able to share the experience with their peers. Art encourages pupils to develop their fine motor skills and creativity. In DT pupil work on their construction skills, often alongside their peers which develops their ability to work collaboratively and use their problem solving skills. Cooking promotes an understanding of a healthy diet and the fundamental skills needed to prepare food, including how to be safe in the kitchen.


In Music pupils are taught about a variety of genres and styles, and are encouraged to create their own, developing an understanding of listening, composing and performing. Pupils learn about different artists and their styles, and explore creating their own art using different mediums. The DT curriculum encourages pupils to work towards developing skills to plan products, use a range of tools and materials to perform practical tasks. Cooking focuses on planning for and preparing meals, understanding a healthy diet and using the kitchen and the equipment safely. Pupils are taught subject specific language as part of their Creative Arts curriculum.

Additional Approaches

Mill Water has a school choir, which features pupils from all over the school. The choir meet regularly to rehearse and enjoy performing together at events for both the school and the public.

We regularly have performances throughout the year to mark celebrations, including Christmas plays, a carol service and performances at the end of the academic year. All pupils are encouraged to take part at whatever level they are able to perform.