The Outreach service based at Mill Water School has been developed to support the inclusion of pupils with severe, complex or profound and multiple learning difficulties or those on the autistic spectrum (who are not high functioning).

Referrals can be made by schools using the referral form below and completed with parental consent. Please note that referrals cannot be processed without a signed parental consent.

Completed Outreach Referral Forms should be sent to:
Gemma Moore, Mill Water School, Bicton, East Budleigh, EX9 7BJ.

What happens next?

    • Mill Water will contact the school to inform them we have received the referral.
    • An initial visit will be arranged to clarify the reasons for the referral, to meet the individuals involved (TA, SENCO, class teacher, parents as appropriate) and observe the pupil.
    • Following the visit the school can expect written feedback within 2 weeks which may include suggestions for intervention and follow up dates.
    • Follow up dates could include Mill Water visiting the school again, or the referring school visiting Mill Water to observe. The initial visit and one follow up date will be free – any visits after this will be charged.
    • Mill Water expects that the school will confirm follow up dates and implement any strategies suggested.
    • Each intervention case will be open for 8 weeks from the point of the initial observation unless further visit dates are specifically scheduled.
    • If the service is at capacity at the time of referral the school will be informed of the waiting time.
    • Mill Water reserve the right to decide whether outreach support is appropriate or not for each referral. If outreach is not considered appropriate the school will be informed of the reasons for the decision.