Moving On

At Mill Water we are committed to careers education, information, advice and guidance to ensure pupils leave with the right experiences, values and skills to help prepare them for adulthood.

We support pupils, with their parents and carers, to consider the full range of opportunities and provision available to them; to realise their full potential and make the appropriate decisions to achieve their aspirations within the local labour market.

We support pupils in preparing for their most suitable and sustainable transitional pathway. This could be within further education, training, employment, supported living or living independently.

We have a person-centred approach to pupil outcomes through our EHCP annual reviews process, where we work with all stakeholders to shape clear and sustainable targets for pupils to prepare them for moving on from Mill Water.

We are fully committed to our statutory obligation and moral duty to provide a holistic Transitions Adult Social Care/Careers programme for pupils in Year 8 onwards, highlighting the social, vocational and academic routes to their preferred transitional path.

Please refer to our Careers Policy for more details or for more information about Devon County Council’s Transitions Adult Social Care (TASC) service, including links to useful resources, visit the TASC service website

Alternatively, you can contact Andrew Maker, Careers Lead, on 01395 568890 or by emailing


This information will be reviewed in February 2025.