Mud Kitchens

6th May 2016

There has been great excitement in the Early Years playground. Tony, his wife Anna and their daughter Rowan came to visit, bringing a most generous gift with them. Tony runs a small family business called ‘Mud Kitchens Devon’. He makes a selection of bespoke outdoor play equipment based around his mud kitchen design. Having spoken to Sharon, a TA in class two, Tony very kindly agreed to donate a mud kitchen to Early Years. But when he arrived he actually brought two kitchens with him.


Everyone from Classes 1 and 2 went outside for the grand unveiling. Rowan cut the ribbon to open the kitchens and they were immediately being used. Tony told me that it was a joy to see the kitchens in action. He said that he is normally asked to deliver to customers’ homes after their children have gone to bed so the kitchen can be a surprise birthday or Christmas present. Because of this he very rarely gets to see anyone playing with them. Both he and Anna found their morning with us an emotional and moving experience.


We are very grateful to the Mud Kitchen family, Tony, Anna and Rowan, for their generosity, not only in bringing the kitchens but also for the time they spent with us joining in the surprisingly tasty ‘Mud’ themed picnic. The kitchens will offer both classes the chance to explore messy play and imaginative play at the same time.