Governing Body

What is expected of a Mill Water Governor?
Governors are expected to show vision and ambition for the school and everyone in it. We must prepare pupils positively for life in modern Britain. We promote equality and respect at all levels within the school. 

We do this by providing a balance of challenge and support to leaders, understanding the strengths and areas that need improvement at the school. OFSTED says Governors must understand the impact of teaching, learning and assessment on the progress of pupils currently in the school. We must also ensure that the school’s finances are properly managed. Governors are expected to demonstrate a commitment to their own development to improve their performance. Above all, our dealings need to be transparent and accountable.

Did you know that Governors meetings are open to the public to observe?
In our school the Full Governing Body (FGB) meetings happen nine times a year, with Lead Governor visits, training and occasional committees happening between the main meetings. FGB meetings are divided into two parts. Part one is open to observers; this normally comprises reports from school leaders, sub committee updates, data analysis, health and safety and safeguarding briefings. Part two of the meeting is a closed session where financially sensitive information or staffing and conduct matters may be discussed. If you would like to attend a FGB meeting please contact the Clerk on 01395 568890 prior to the meeting.

Pulling together different skills from diverse backgrounds to form strong leadership.
When recruiting new Governors we are very much looking for people with existing skills that can be transferred into an educational setting. You do not have to be an expert in teaching or education, we will provide you with that training. You might be a parent, an expert in the needs of your child with a passion for them and their peers to achieve the best they possibly can. You might have experience in business with financial skills, or a background in HR. You might have existing connections to the wider community, expertise in project management or legal training. We are currently constituted for 12 Governors on the FGB. We can also co-opt Associate Governors who can bring in expertise for a limited time to undertake specific projects. The most recent updated of the skill gap analysis shows we have good depth in many areas including knowledge of the school, strategy and local community connections, but we would like to strengthen our support for HR and Finance. If you have knowledge and experience in these areas, and would like to find out more about being a Governor, please do contact the school on 01395 568890. Governorship is a serious commitment but seeing our pupils, teaching staff, administrators and leaders improve, grow and prosper is also a very rewarding one.