Equality Aims and Objectives

Core Aim 1

Communicate thoughtfully
Everyone is entitled to be listened to and understood

We will offer a programme of events, including school wide assemblies, that will embrace diversity, encourage positive attitudes and understanding of other cultures and religions.

Core Aim 2

Celebrate Achievement

We take a school wide approach to actively promoting acceptance of difference within our community. Working on the principle that our children will accept you and you should accept them, we will continue to reach out to the learning community and the wider world to promote diversity through celebrating the achievements of our pupils. We will demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity through work experience placements, hosting training events, press releases and participating in community based events.

Core Aim 3 and 4

Respect one another and behave kindly

We want our school to be a safe and secure place for everyone. We do this through demonstrating strong mutual respect and kindness. We encourage and support one another at all times. We are polite and respectful to everyone we meet, greeting people with friendliness and kind words.

We value everyone regardless of their age, race, religion, gender, sexuality or ability. We recognise that this does not always involve treating everyone in the same way; some people may need additional help from us. We accept people for who they are and celebrate our differences.

To demonstrate our school’s commitment to these principles, the Governors expect to see the following evidence:

    • Pupils greeting each other, staff and visitors to the school where appropriate
    • Acts of kindness and consideration between pupils being recognised and responded to by classroom staff
    • Behaviour and safety of pupils judged as outstanding by end of summer term 2016. Judgement to be made by SLT using Ofsted criteria with Safeguarding Governor to corroborate judgement. This judgement to be maintained going forward.