Sensory Related Skills

Oral-Motor skills

Blowing game

What you will need: Straws (or just use mouth), a small collection of objects of different weight and structure e.g. Lightweight- tissue, cotton wool ball, feathers, leaves

Cylindrical- empty cans, toilet roll tube

What your child can do- Ensure there is a flat clear surface 

  • ask your child to choose an item from the small group of objects. Experiment with blowing the item across the floor using straw or mouth.
  • Explore blowing the objects from different angles and different force.
Sort objects into those that moved when blown and those that didn’t.
Motor Planning

Mini obstacle course

What you will need- Different textured materials e.g. fluffy jumper, hard towel, plastic bag (empty), Bags or trays willed with different textured materials e.g. lentils, buttons, foam packaging, leaves etc.

Place the different materials either onto the floor or into the bags/ on the trays. Place the boxes close together

What your child can do

  • With bare feet walk over the different materials
Make it harder by placing the materials into an ‘S’ shape.
Bilateral Coordination and Crossing the Midline

Clapping bubbles

Clap at the bubbles to make them pop.

Alternate hands or poke the bubbles with pointed index finger.