Class 1 Summer Term 2

We are exploring familiar objects from the home and how they work. We are recognising and labelling objects in the home and using objects with a purpose.
In Art we are using different resources to print 2D shapes onto paper to create our own houses and household furniture. We are learning to make choices (e.g. with colours), copy adults mark making and noticing/continuing coloured patterns.
Our book for the next 3 weeks of our topic is “The three little pigs”. We will be exploring different sensory books and stories 1:1 daily as part of our “enjoyment for reading” sessions.
We are learning to explore new environments and activities with adult support, join in with and transition between familiar routines and continue to build relationships with staff and peers through play in the continuous provision.
We are experiencing number in our environment through songs, rhymes and modelling counting in the continuous provision. Some children are identifying numerals and beginning to understand that numbers appear in a sequence.
We are exploring shapes in our environment through simple inset puzzles, matching and sorting items that are the same.
We are beginning to use symbols and photos to represent real objects.

We are learning to negotiate space and obstacles in different ways e.g. climbing on and safely jumping off of PE apparatus, balancing on items and taking part in group games such as using a parachute.

We are strengthening our fine motor skills by taking part in daily fine motor activities such as big posting activities, threading, large inset puzzles and playdough.