Children Missing Education

Podcast about CME in Devon
Georgina Bennett (Babcock Education) - November 2021

Children Missing Education

The Government has placed a duty on Local Authorities to make arrangements to establish (as far as it is possible) the identities of children in their area who are of compulsory school age and not receiving a suitable education (i.e. children missing education).

Children not receiving a suitable education are at increased risk of a range of negative outcomes that could have long term damaging consequences for their life chances.

In Devon we are committed to ensuring that all pupils who go missing from schools in the Local Authority, or who disappear from other counties and may have arrived in Devon, are speedily located.

What do we mean by Children Missing Education (CME)?

All children of compulsory school age (5-16 years) who are not on a school roll, being educated otherwise (e.g. at home, privately, or in alternative provision) and who have been out of educational provision for a substantial period of time (usually agreed as four weeks or more).

Why do children go missing from education?

There are a number of reasons, including:

  • they don't start school at the appropriate time and so they do not enter the educational system
  • they are removed by their parents due to problems at school, disinterest or poor attendance
  • they cease to attend due to exclusion, illness or bullying
  • they fail to find a suitable school place after moving to a new area
  • the family move home regularly
  • there are problems at home