Wizard of Oz

14th July 2017

The pupils of Mill Water School were proud to present their very own version of The Wizard of Oz on 13th and 14th July 2017. Every pupil in the school had a part to play in the production in one way or another. While many performed on stage, some painted scenery and others made props or helped make costumes. 

And then there were those who acted as stage hands and supported in changing scenery and getting props on and off stage. Each class was given a scene to practice and the results were fantastic. Particular highlights included a song and dance routine by the 6th form, Dorothy’s brothers and sisters doing a line dance and the classes 3 and 4 becoming a twister. There were also some excellent solo performances by Megan, Harry and Kieran.

The main characters played their parts beautifully. Dorothy sang sweetly and confidently and led the Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow down the yellow brick road towards a happy ending. In the final scene the Wizard says, ‘It’s the differences that make us beautiful’ before the whole school came on stage to sing ‘I’m a believer’. 

Parents and carers were incredibly supportive - clapping, cheering and laughing as they followed Dorothy on her journey. More than 150 people came to see the performances and we were very grateful for all of the lovely comments they made following the performances. 

We were very proud of how hard every pupil worked to prepare for the show and also wanted to say thank you to the parents and carers who supported their children with learning lines, practicing songs or making costumes.