November 2019

Molly and Kayleigh recently had a visit to North Devon for a day of training with Tracey and Vader from DHK. It was a great day. Molly and Vader were instant friends and were very quickly happy to lay down together. Molly worked hard and had plenty of time to rest and sleep in between learning, Tracey found the snoring very funny! We worked on some sit, down and stand cues without any hand signals to see what Molly understands. We also did some work on stay, wait, recall and loose lead walking. Molly can be a little bit lazy and needs lots of yummy treats to keep her motivated!
We’ve also completed our puppy training course with Puppy School. Molly really enjoyed it and loved seeing her doggy friends at classes every week, her favourite was a Dachshund called Bella. Becky who runs the course was really supportive of the work we’re doing with DHK and helped us to adapt the learning to suit the cues that we are learning. We’re looking forward to going back and doing the Puppy Pro course in the new year.