Assessments passed...

Since the last update Lucy has passed three assessment tests with Dogs Helping Kids!

Just before Christmas in December 2017 she passed Assessment 1 (92%) and Assessment 2 (89%). These assessments took place in Barnstaple town centre, and mainly tested Lucy’s focus on Sarah as her handler, as well as heelwork in the busy town centre. Sarah and Lucy found this really hard as they don’t really go into town very much at all!  

Just after Easter she passed Assessment 3 (87%) as well! This took place at DHK HQ and again tested Lucy’s response and focus on Sarah but also tested Lucy being able to work for an unfamiliar person. Lucy also did really well with her ‘snuggle’, while Sarah read to her – Sarah now has a good collection of doggy stories – if anyone has any more good ones she would love to hear from you!

Sarah and Lucy have both been working hard on training in their spare time in order to get this far – half way! They have also been working with pupils when possible. They will now be preparing for the next three assessments and hoping to build up the amount of work that Lucy is doing with children in school.