Physical Development

Physical Development is taught through discrete lessons and embedded activities throughout the school day and is integral for all pupils at Mill Water. We aim for pupils to be able to apply their physical capabilities, and knowledge and understanding in a range of sporting and everyday contexts. Pupils are encouraged to enjoy participating in different physical activities and increase their levels of independence where possible. 

The Key areas of Physical Development covered at Mill Water are:

    • Games
      Football, Basketball, Boccia, Parachute games, Cricket, Bowling, Benchball
    • Individual Movement
      Swimming, Gymnastics, Rebound, Dance, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Wake and Shake
    • Outdoor Activities
      Cycling, Climbing, Athletics, Hiking

The Mill Water Physical Development Curriculum is a bespoke curriculum for pupils of Mill Water. The curriculum focuses on developing pupils’ physical literacy using a range of physical activities. Overarching learning aims such as developing independence and communication skills are incorporated within this curriculum.

Physical Education at Mill Water encompasses all aspects of Physical Education (PE) that occur within the school. This includes therapeutic forms of physical development such as Physio support as well as physical development during non-directed Physical Education lessons, such as using playground equipment and pupils accessing their immediate environment.

PD at Mill Water is delivered by the class teacher and the teaching assistants. There is a nominated PD lead within the school who oversees the PD provision and supports the class teachers and teaching assistants in their delivery of PD. The PD lead will provide assessment toolkits for activities that are frequently accessed by Mill Water pupils: Swimming, Cycling and Rebound. Staff are provided a list of activities suitable for the delivery of PD in their class and a bank of resources to deliver these lessons.

PE at Mill Water includes weekly PD lessons involving 1 or more classes; small group lessons such as Swimming in the School’s hydro pool; individual or pair work such as using the schools rebound room.

Nurture and Engagement

Pupils on our Nurture and Engagement pathway work on PE through exploration of activities such as swimming, rebound, trikes, games and pre-gymnastics skills. Pupils develop their physical literacy and control of their body’s using different physical activities to achieve this. Where appropriate pupils have physiotherapy programs that are implemented by staff to assist a pupil in their physical development. Staff support pupils using their communication preference. Activities are adapted to suit the needs of pupils alongside inclusion activities such as parachute games and Boccia.

Practical Living and Life Skills

Pupils are taught the fundamentals to games and activities. Pupils learn skills for popular sports such as Football, Basketball, and Benchball. Pupils are taught these skills in isolation and then supported to use them in activities with their peers. Pupils demonstrate control of their body during activities such as Gymnastics and Dance and follow instructions to produce a desired movement. Pupils can recognise that they have been active in these activities and when they need to rest. Pupils use equipment such as a bike independently and require less verbal prompting to safely use other PE equipment.

Independent Living and Learning

Pupils complete a range of skills in different sports and activities; Pupils understand when it is best to use a set skill during an activity, such as shooting in Football. Pupils learn how to warm-up and cool down safely and begin to support their peers in completing these activities. Pupils can plan their actions during a physical activity, such as pacing themselves when running; they can also offer tactical input during team sports. Pupils who exceed in some sports and activities could be selected to represent the school at inter school competitions.

Links with the community

Mill Water links in with two regional communities for Physical Education. The school is part of the East Devon School Sports Partnerships which is led by Kings School, Ottery St Mary. As part of this partnership primary aged pupils participate in an Ability Counts Sports days with their mainstream peers. This includes activities such seated volleyball, Boccia, curling, indoor athletics and foam archery.

The school is also part of the Devon Special School PE network. The PE lead for the school meets with PE leads from other Special Schools in Devon. Together they create inter-school activities and competitions for pupils to participate in. These events happen annually and include a Swimming Gala, several Football Tournaments, Cricket Festival, Benchball and an Athletics competition. Mill Water pupils, where appropriate, participate in all of these events.