Fruit and Veg Bar
The 6th form students have been trialling the introduction of a Fruit and Veg bar at lunchtime. They decided which produce would be best, how much it would cost, created a shopping list, shopped for the produce, prepared the produce, made symbolled menus and served the fruit and veg at a Friday lunchtime.

It was a massive success and many pupils tried fruit and veg that they had never tasted before. The 6th form students are keen to make it a regular event.

Healthy Eating Project
This term, the 6th form students have completed a Healthy Eating project. They have learnt all about a balanced diet, sampled a wide range of fruit and vegetables, cooked healthy meals, organised and run a salad and veg bar and investigated healthy eating in the community. 

Visiting Sensory Story Teller
Some of the students from the 6th form experienced a sensory story told by a visiting storyteller. They particularly enjoyed all the different sensory items that he brought with him and joined in with enthusiasm.

Visit to the Orange Elephant Ice Cream Parlour
As part of the Independent Living 6th form curriculum, the students visited the Orange Elephant Ice Cream Parlour. There they independently chose, ordered and paid for their ice cream and used effective communication skills with unfamiliar people. They all completed the task brilliantly and the ice cream was delicious.