Lower School

In Lower School, pupils follow the Mill Water Core Curriculum taught through topic based learning. The Core Curriculum is based on Development Matters but has been developed and extended to best suit our pupils’ needs. It covers three prime areas:

    • Communication and Language
    • PSED
    • Physical Development

And four specific areas:

    • Maths
    • Literacy
    • Expressive Arts and Design
    • Understanding the World

Throughout their time in Lower School, pupils will be working towards independence, building relationships and developing their social skills and communication. They are taught through a balance of child initiated learning and teacher led activities which are adapted to meet individual learning styles and are both motivating and engaging.

Alongside this, we enhance the curriculum through a variety of enrichment activities according to individual pupil needs. We have 3 vehicles which provide opportunities for groups to go out and be part of the local community, as well as transferring learning to contexts outside of school. We also take full advantage of our beautiful surroundings and are able to explore and enjoy the grounds of Bicton.