Help with Water Bills

Help with metered bills - the WaterSure Tariff

You may qualify for a lower bill if you receive a means-tested benefit or tax credit.

WaterSure can help you if you have a low-income and your water is measured by a meter. We can put a limit on your charges for water and sewerage services, if you meet the following conditions.

1. Your supply is metered

2. The person who pays the water bill or someone else in your household receives benefit  or tax credit

3. There are either:

  • three or more children under the age of 19 living in the household for whom the person receiving the above benefit also claims Child Benefit; or
  • you or someone living in your household has a medical condition which causes  extra water to be used.

The WaterSure tariff annual charge is £212.50 for water and £325.50 for sewerage services for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018

If your current charges are more than this, you may be entitled to pay the reduced charge.

Once on the WaterSure tariff, if your actual metered bill is lower than the reduced charge, we will only charge you the lower amount.

To apply, please print, complete and return the Application Form along with supporting documents to: WaterSure, PO Box 643, Exeter, EX1 9ND

If you need support to complete your application please phone the school - 01395 568890