Father Christmas at Mill Water

6th December 2017

Last Wednesday, the 6th of December at 10 am, Father Christmas, his sleigh and three friendly elves arrived at Mill Water School. The weather was bright, and the children were able to go outside to meet our special visitors in the school playground. The sleigh was, obviously, too big to get through the school doors!

The children were so excited to hear the Christmas songs, see the sleigh and meet the merry band from the North Pole. Father Christmas gave out the presents to 100 Mill Water School pupils and the elves ensured the experience was special for each individual child. The joy and the fun the children had was shown on their faces and in their reaction to this very special experience. 

It was a wonderful and happy morning, enjoyed by all the pupils and staff at Mill Water School.

A Big thank you to Father Christmas and the lovely elves for finding time, at this very busy time of year, to come and visit our school.

We would also like to say a huge thank the Otter Valley Rotary Club, who wrote to the North Pole to arrange and fund this very special morning for our children and to also thank Ken, Mike, Linda, Jill and Chris for ensuring everything ran smoothly.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.