African Garden Project

28th April 2015

On 28th April 2015, Class 7 pupils were visited by Rupert Banister from the charity Send a Cow. With his help they explored daily life of people in various parts of Africa and then constructed our very own African keyhole garden. The African garden now stands in our orchard and is ready to plant up with a range of vegetables which we hope to harvest in the future.


Over the course of the day, the pupils dug ditches, constructed a barrier using stone blocks and engaged with African art while making some flags to decorate our garden. Every pupil was able to listen well, cooperate with each other and work together to finish the garden, and the results were excellent.

Some of the pupils commented that they enjoyed making the garden. One member of class 7 said, ‘I liked digging the ditch. It was a good day but I was tired afterwards’.


Back in the classroom, Class 7 learned about sustaining their garden and using compostable materials to feed their plants via a tube through the centre of the garden. By the end of the day, they had a better understanding of African culture and the ways that charities such as Send a Cow can help.