Remote Learning Plan Survey

October 2020
Dear Parents
All schools have been asked by the Department for Education to have a Remote Learning Plan in place in case of further lockdowns, pupils having to self-isolate, or because pupils are absent for any other reason. We want our offer to be as good as it can be for every family, acknowledging that every family’s and child’s needs are different.
During lock down we provided a range of home learning resources: home learning packs, physical resources, online learning via third party website, resources and videos on our own website and Zoom and Team sessions for individual children, small groups and whole classes. We made changes as we went, but anecdotally had very positive feedback about what was on offer.
In order for us to be able to refine the home learning package that we are able to offer should we need to in the future, it would be useful to have your feedback on what worked well and what could have been better for you during lockdown. 
If you would like to share specific ways in which the school could improve its home learning offer, please do get in touch.
Sarah Pickering