New School Car
The 6th form are delighted to now have a new 9 seater car to use for experiences in the wider community and work placements.
School Dog
Some of the 6th form students were delighted to be able to spend some time with the school sensory dog in training. They hope to be able to be a part of her further training and maybe even take her out for walks around the Bicton grounds.
Apple Week
The 6th form had a great time learning about how to make pure apple juice from the apples that they see growing in the orchard outside their class window. They all agreed that it was hard work, but worth it because it tasted so good and is so healthy.
All About Eggs
The cooking focus for the first half of this term has been making dishes using eggs. The photos show all the wonderful foods that we made – and enjoyed eating.
Keeping Safe
The 6th form have been carrying out extensive practical sessions in the local community about how to keep themselves safe. This has included road safety, beach and sea safety and the local Safe Place Scheme. The students have learnt about how important personal safety is as they become adults and prepare for their next destinations.
Autumn Art
The students in the 6th form have enjoyed creating many different art pieces, and taking part in sensory experiences, on the theme of Autumn, particularly using items from the school environment.