Class 9 - Autumn Term 2017

This term has been such a busy one for us all! I started in the third week of term and have got to know all of the children and staff well now.

This term we have been learning about:

  • Science - ‘The Body’. We have focused on one part of the body each week to learn more about how our bodies work. The children have made models, watched clips and answered quizzes as well as researching information and discussing what they know.
  • World Studies (Creativity) - ‘Puppets’ of all shapes and sizes. We have watched some short films about different types of puppets and how they are made. The children have made a variety of different puppets including: stick, sock, split-pin, tube and cup. All using a range of materials and resources to design their own characters.
  • Literacy –Phonics, handwriting, independent reading and group reading, creative writing and comprehension. The children have sent postcards to themselves after learning how to set out an address. We have also started a speaking and listening session telling the class about our weekend news. This is a valuable time for the children to ask each other questions and find out more about what we do out of school time.
  • Maths – Each week we focus on a different topic within the maths curriculum. The favourite is undoubtedly using calculators to help them solve problems. We use the smart board to find an interactive starter activity before moving on to tables for group work.
  • Independent Living - Cooking – This term’s topic has been ‘cooking with seasonal foods’. Having the orchard outside our classroom has meant we have used many apples in our recipes, and of course, Apple week is always hugely popular, with the children making their own fresh apple juice.
  • Outdoor Education – Tom has spent a great deal of time with the children this term, having started as the teacher in Class 9. The children have benefitted from the extra sessions outdoors in learning rural skills and planting seasonal bulbs to get Mill Water’s flower garden up and running. We have had walks to see the animals and to the Remembrance Day service in Bicton Gardens.
  • PSHE – We have included regular sessions learning about personal safety (stranger danger), friendships and relationships and being kind to each other, each week. The children have been recognising safe and unsafe strangers.
  • Calvert Trust trip – Of course, the residential to Calvert was the highlight for most of Class 9 in October and what a fabulous time they all had.
  • PE/Sports Barn – We have a weekly afternoon session in the Sports Barn with David, keeping fit and engaging in many different sporting activities, as well as using the outside spaces for extra PE during the warmer weather.
  • ICT – This term all of the children have been learning about sending and receiving emails. They have all been set up with an email address for use in school, and have learned to sign in, open and read emails from their friends, and reply. We include online safety within these ICT sessions. The children are also able to access online learning programmes to support our maths topics.
  • Enrichment programme - All of the students from our class have been taking part in their chosen activities this term. We continue to offer a variety of clubs including, Drumming club, ICT, Cinema, Adventure club, Walking group, Creativity, Disco and Cinema.

Kathryn Edmonds - Class 9 Teacher