Class 9 - Spring Term 2017

Throughout the Spring Term students in Class 9 have been working on their communication and social skills. During the school day we have been learning to use our voices, signs, symbols, communication books and objects of reference to share our news, answer questions, ask for help and to make requests.

One of our topics this term has been Traditional Music. We have been listening to and playing a variety of African drums. We also had a visit from a local folk duo. The students really enjoyed listening to the instruments and the singing. We all had a go at playing the violins too! 

In ICT we have been learning to use a variety of touchscreen devices such as iPads and the iboard. We have been using the touchscreens to make choices, play different African instruments and to work through stories. 

For Numeracy, Literacy, ICT and Sensory Art some students have been taking part in inclusion with classes 7, 8, 10 and 6th Form. This has been going really well and students have had the chance to engage in a variety of learning experiences and build relationships with other students and adults across the school.