Class 8 - Autumn Term 2017

Since returning in September the students in Class 8 have had a busy start to the school year. The highlight for most of the students was probably the week prior to half-term; a week’s residential at the Calvert Trust. Students there took part in a range of activities including rock climbing, orienteering, swimming, canoeing and horse-riding (to only name a few). 

Amongst other activities students have been developing other important skills such as their Swimming skills in the school’s Hydro Pool, shopping for groceries at nearby supermarkets or collecting apples in the Orchard for making Apple juice as part of Apple Week. 

Students have also been developing their communication skills when asked about their weekend news, developing fine motor skills such as writing or opening bottle tops, building on their number skills whether its developing their counting or adding on to name and learning about different cultures from around the world to name but a few.

Out of all activities the students have done the most popular has to be cooking (or eating what they have made). Every Friday the students have been developing their culinary skills by making items such as shortbread, sausage rolls, banana cake and pizza.