Class 8 - Spring Term 2018

Since returning after Christmas Class 8 have been busy working towards their own individual work plans and specific targets. Some of the students have been working on their addition skills in Maths; others on developing their use of numbers in practical situations; and some have been working on important life-such as their independence in areas such as personal care, meal times, feeding, shopping and general self-care.

This term the class were treated to a bird show display in the garden adjacent to the school. In spite of the weather they all really enjoyed seeing specialist birds fly amongst them and collect food from the different locations. They also took part in the activities for the Bird week such as locating some of the different birds located around the school and looking at different types of birds in the sensory shed.

In addition the class having been taking part in their regular set of activities ranging from Maths, English and communication tasks to activities such as rebound, Swimming, shopping, cooking, Art and creative play.

And finally the class have gained a couple of pets in some Earth Snails. Despite appearances the class quite like the peculiar texture of the snails and have been very responsible in cleaning out the container that they are in on a weekly basis. However we are still yet to name them!