Class 7 - Spring Term 2018

Class 7 have had a very busy Term. With the weather being unpredictable we have had lots of opportunities to explore the world around us and what it can look like at different times. We have also begun a larger number of outdoor learning programmes, from rural skills groups who have learned how to build fires and focused on fire safety to us going out to Bicton college once a week to do out communication café sessions in a new environment.

The group have focused on data collection in maths which has involved going out or around school, collecting information and asking different adults and peers questions and sorting and counting out groups. We have also continued to focus on our communication skills and using talkers and other communication methods in as many situations as possible, be it asking for help or answering a range of questions, everyone has progressed well with this, well done! 

One of the most popular activities this Term has been science, every Thursday afternoon we have created different experiments and had messy sensory investigations. The group have explored size, weight and cause and effect. We have created giant bubbles and explored what happens when we mix different ingredients together. Some of the group have had a focus on planting growing things, we have planted pees and flowers and even tested what flowers look like if grown in different conditions!

We have tried to make this term fun but practical with a range of problem solving tasks, such as, use of money or tasks that involve pupils developing their independence. We have had a very busy but I believe also a happy term for all.