Class 7 - Spring Term 2017

It’s been a busy start to 2017 for Class 7. This term students have been continuing with where they left off in the autumn term, working hard towards their individual targets and developing skills in the core areas of Maths, English and Communication.

Class 7 have also begun a new equal topic around Drama with quite interesting results. Part of this new topic has involved recreating music videos of current pop artists. The students have found this highly motivating and have been keen to show off their creative sides.

The class have also enjoyed the greater opportunity they have had to go to nearby supermarkets to develop their targets around maths and communication in a different context. The class are eager shoppers though and display good behaviour in this different setting. With the items the class have bought they have been working on their cooking skills on a Friday. The class are working well at developing their greater independence in using cooking appliances appropriately and are beginning to follow more complex instructions in activities they are being asked to follow in their cooking.

The class have also taken part in Bird Watch this term and have enjoyed exploring the Orchard trying to find different birds that match the sounds. Though we didn’t find too many it will still a worthwhile experience.