Class 7 - Summer Term 2017

Now in the deep depths of the summer term what has been happening in class 7? 

This term students have continued with developing their core skills through their specific targets and core subjects (Maths and English).

Class 7 have also had many trips out to places nearby. During May the class went to Beer Caves as part of Bat week. The class really enjoyed the echo nature of the caves and didn’t seem to be spooked by how dark it was. The class continue to enjoy trips out for shopping and a special trip one week to a nearby park. Some weeks whilst we have also had time to work on road safety on our way back from the shops. Students have been looking at the skills needed to cross a road sensibly.

Cooking has been an enjoyable activity – the making perhaps more than the finished product. We have made items such as scones and biscuits in addition to developing core everyday skills such as making toast, pouring milk or juice and making sandwiches.