Class 6 - Summer Term 2018

Welcome to class 6. 

This term our topic is going to be Transport. We will be looking and studying different forms of transport and how it has changed over the years and how transport is used.

In maths we will be continuing to work hard on our number. We use number in all our work wherever possible. We will be continuing to develop our counting skills using money and coins in our café and ticket office. We will be looking at shapes in the environment and using different construction kits to make different forms of transport and talk about the shapes used. We will be measuring out ingredients in our cooking and looking at capacity.

In our literacy lessons we have been working hard on our phonics skills as well as using our ICT skills. There will be a continued focus on communication skills and using ICT to support our communication.

There will be a continued focus on working together and developing our play skills as we help each other.

We will be beginning to think about well-being and how we can keep ourselves healthy. We have been eating healthy snacks and trying new foods, especially different fruits. We’re continuing to work on our independence and self help skills.

Once again it is going to be a very busy term.