Class 6 - Autumn Term 2016

It has been a very busy start to the new year. The emphasis in our class is on real-life, practical skills. 

Our topics this term are food and drink and natural materials. In our cooking lessons we have been trying to use the cooking utensils accurately and safely. Preparing us to be as independent as possible. We have also been concentrating on only fine motor skills so we can do all our routine daily activities.

We have been trying to apply our counting and number skills wherever we can. We have also been working hard on our money skills from recognising coins to buying items. Some of us have been using the IWB to help us with our counting.

In literacy we have been using our phonics skills to help share books and read with our friends. We have also been working on our reading comprehension so we understand what we have read.

We have enjoyed role play and retelling the stories to our friends.

In our art we have been looking at fruit and vegetables and painting still life pictures. During Halloween we practised our cutting skills to make ghosts.