Class 11 - Autumn Term 2017

What a busy start to the year! Class 11 have had an excellent start. We have welcomed new staff and while the year 10s have become year 11, we have been joined by a new wave of year 10 pupils. The class have gelled really well and settled quickly into their new routines.  

Class 11 pupils have been working on their EQUALS curriculum which provides breadth and lots of interesting activities. They have been exploring what to do in an emergency as well as learning life skills such as cooking and healthy living. They do regular exercise in the fitness suite, at the sports barn and on bikes. In their art lessons they have been making brilliant puppets using a variety of techniques, and have also explored the human body in science lessons. 

All class 11 pupils have been working on functional skills in ICT, Maths and English. They have learned a lot about shapes, numbers and data handling this term in maths, and continue to work hard on reading, writing and speaking in English. Some of our pupils are working towards Entry Level tests at the end of the year. 

In addition to EQUALS and functional skills, year 11 pupils have begun their BTEC studies. They are working towards three BTECs. In Sport and Leisure, they have learned about team sports and how to stay healthy. In Vocational Studies they have started using emails, learning about how to stay healthy and how to look after themselves, and in Art and Design they are exploring their creative side. 

We have enjoyed attending annual reviews which has given us a chance to think about the future, and many class 11 pupils are thinking about going to college next year. They are busy thinking about their options and how they will make the transition, and it is lovely to see they have the confidence and ambition to engage with the early stages of this process. 

One of the most exciting parts of our week is the enrichment afternoons. We have been doing adventure activities at Bicton College. We have done some archery as well as wall climbing inside and outside. The progress that all of the pupils have made has been tremendous. 

So as you can see, class 11 are a resilient, hard-working and talented bunch and the class 11 team could not be prouder of what they have achieved so far this year. 

Simon Winward - Class 11 Teacher