Class 11 - Spring Term 2018

Since Christmas class 11 have moved from strength to strength. We have settled into our new routines and have been working hard. 

Class 11 pupils have been working on their EQUALS curriculum which provides breadth and lots of interesting activities. They have been exploring local and seasonal foods in cooking sessions, making both savoury and sweet foods using symbolled recipes. They do regular exercise in the fitness suite, at the sports-barn and on bikes. In their art lessons they have been learning about abstract art. They have been looking at the work of famous artists and using various techniques to get paint onto paper. They have produced some excellent work and it is currently displayed around the school. 

All class 11 pupils have been working on functional skills in ICT, Maths and English. We have also been joined by members of 6th form for these sessions and class 11 have enjoyed getting to know their new groups. The atmosphere is lively and the learning is exciting. 

In addition to EQUALS and functional skills, year 11 pupils have continued their BTEC studies. They have completed their BTEC in Vocational Studies and are now competent users of email and communication systems. They have learned to cook some interesting recipes including Indian food using spices and healthy alternatives to cakes and biscuits. In Art, they have completed their first unit on 2D art and are now working on 3D art. They met with a local artist, Amanda Popham and made some clay vessels similar to her work. They have also used fabric, wire and paper to create some lovely sculptures. 

With our annual reviews finished for this year, we have been looking towards the future. Many class 11 pupils have been looking around their chosen colleges and have begun their transition work. It has been lovely to see them get excited about their next stage in life and wonderful that they are showing the confidence and resilience to engage with this topic. 

Adventure club has been very successful, with activities including campfire making and orienteering in addition to disability football, wall climbing and archery. 

This term has whizzed by but as they say, ‘time flies when you’re having fun.