Class 10 - Spring Term 2017

Last term the year 11 pupils in class 10 made tremendous progress towards their BTECs and this term they continue to develop their skills. They have joined the year 10 students for more sessions which form part of the EQUALS curriculum. 

Class 10 have explored their creativity and learned about part of African culture by taking drumming lessons. They have worked together to compose their own rhythms and are preparing to perform to an audience. Another way we have explored African culture is by studying Ancient Egypt. At the moment we are immersing ourselves in this topic so we can look at modern Egyptian culture later in the term, and make comparisons between the two.

Those doing BTEC Art and Design have focused on three-dimensional art this term. So far they have learned techniques associated with clay, carving and wirework, and will go on to develop by using a range of tools, media and techniques throughout the rest of the term. 

In cooking sessions we have been learning to prepare a meal. We have made items which could be eaten as starters, main courses and are now thinking about desserts. 

Year 10 pupils have had a chance to work on our allotment at Bicton this term and have been preparing the soil for planting. They will be visiting garden centres and getting advice as the term progresses so we can begin to see things grow. 

Year 10 pupils have also been involved in work experience throughout the school. Younger pupils have said they enjoy working with older pupils during school council meetings and this is evident in the way class 10 pupils have been received by the classes they have worked in. 

On Fridays we now take part in adventure activities. So far we have used the climbing walls and have learned about harnesses and helmets. Every pupil has pushed themselves to try something new and whether that involved climbing to the top or just taking their feet off of the ground, each pupil has felt the joy of achievement and a growth in self-esteem as a result. We are very grateful to Bicton College for supporting these activities. 

It has been a busy term so far and we have no plans to slow down.