Class 10 - Summer Term 2017

In Art we have been exploring texture and colour through messy play and by using different things such as sponges, stamps and vegetables to make print patterns. We have really enjoyed using the water tray to explore ‘gloop’ and using dyes to turn the water different colours. 

In ICT we have been using switches to interact with different household appliances such as Fans, foot Spas, Food Blenders and Light Boxes. Students have been really good at doing this independently. 

In Communication Group students have been practicing using their individual methods of communication. Josh has a new computer and is learning to use switches to make choices and to express himself. Korey and Macey have been using PECs to make choices and have been making really good progress with this. 

Students have continued to work through their Physiotherapy / Hydrotherapy routines and exercises. For example, Ben has been practicing using his walker to walk independently around the school and in the playground. Joel, Polly and Josh have been enjoying dong their exercises in the Hydropool.